What were the contributions of Rammohan for emancipation of the womenfolk?


Rammohan was a champion of women rights. He condemned all the evil practices that degraded the position of women in the society.

He upheld the cause of women and denounced the prevailing idea that women were inferior to men.

(1) Rammohan built up a strong movement against the inhuman practice of sati.


(2) Rammohan also raised his voice against the social evils like the dowry system, polygamy and child-marriage.

(3) Rammohan did not hesitate to say that the social evils were the creation of some people for monetary gains. Religion had no sanction for these.

(4) Rammohan also built up a strong movement in favour of remarriage of Hindu widows. All these give proof how Rammohan acted for the uplift of women.

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