Why Rammohan Roy is called he first ‘modern man’ of India?


a. Introduction:

Rammohan Roy was called Bharat Pathik by Rabindranath Tagore.

Indeed, he was the first man to realize that the western education was a pre-requisite for the progress of the Indians.


Rammohan Roy also addressed himself to the socio­economic and other problems of our country and gave direction for their solution.

b. Religious Reform:

Rammohan emphasized religious and social reforms, for political consciousness was yet to develop amongst the Indians.

The Brahmo Samaj was established by Rammohan with the purpose of promoting among different religious groups a faith in the unity of the divine and of man, as also a spirit of tolerance.


c. Movement for Social Reform:

One of the social evils of contemporary Indian was the Sati.

Besides, women were unjustifiably denied many rights to which they are entitled by nature. Rammohan Roy raised his voice against all these.

d. Educational Reform:


Rammohan worked tirelessly for the introduction of Western education in the country.

Rammohan was the founder of the Anglo-Hindu School (1822). Rammohan welcomed the initiative of the Christian missionaries in the spread of Western education.

e. Father of Bengali Prose:

In his anxiety to introduce Western knowledge Rammohan Roy did not forget for a moment the urgent need for the improvement of Bengali language.


It was Rammohan Roy who introduced a new style in Bengali and thereby relieved it of too much Sanskrit influence. Rammohan even had composed a Bengali Grammar book.

Thus it may be said that the Bengali language what we know today was the creation of Rammohan Roy.

f. Political Activities:

India’s subjection to foreign rule was a matter of regret for Rammohan Roy.


But at the same time he was convinced that political freedom would be meaningless until and unless the people of our country freed themselves from the social evils which had engulfed them.

g. Conclusion:

Thus a social and religious reformer, an educationist and a lover of liberty, Rammohan Roy was the pioneer of modern India.

It was he who beaconed the truth that a new India could be built only after the Indians had been enlightened by modern education and scientific knowledge. Indeed, he was the ‘first modern man’ of India.

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