In the present educational set up the commerce teacher has to be resourceful and fully equipped with all necessary information’s which can help them in training students properly. To equip himself with desirable qualities a commerce teacher is expected to pass through the following phases of training programme.

(I) University education in Commerce subjects.

(II) Office experience or practical business.

(III) Training course in Teaching Commerce subjects.


(IV) In- service training

(I) University Education in Commerce Subjects

M.Com. degree is a must but it would be desirable if the teacher specialises in any one or two of the commerce subjects. For becoming a teacher in short-hand and type-writing certain degree of efficiency must be acquired in these subjects from professional institutes or other institutes teaching and training in the art of teaching the skill. Before appointment of commerce teachers, his specialisation and de­gree of efficiency, he has acquired, should be taken into consider­ation. Thus we can say that a person being appointed as commerce teacher should be M.Com., should have office experience or practical business experience or the stenography experience of taking dictation at a high speed

For becoming a successful teacher it is desirable for the would be teacher, to have some experiences of handling office procedures and situations in business. This type of experiences provides him with the confidence that is so essential to become a successful teacher. Actual experience in handling accounts book, labour saving appli­ances, office practice and correspondence, banking-work, import and export documents, activities concerning sale and purchase of goods etc. will help the commerce teacher to equip himself with the neces­sary skills and technical know-how of the various commerce programmes. These experiences will provide the commerce teachers with the necessary reliable materials required by the commerce teacher. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough for a commerce teacher to farewell in his profession and in the absence of office experience or business experience or vocational skills he is likely to cut sorry figure in his class.


Thus a proper training be organised, for commerce graduate/ post graduate in universities followed by a minimum of six months practical training or actual experience in service in a business firm or an office before the award of degree to them.

(II) Teacher Training Course

After completing his formal education in university the pro­spective commerce teacher should be given a course of teachers train­ing. During this course he should be imparted training in various teaching techniques. Educational psychology, History of education etc

Teachers training in the field of Commerce started in India only in 1963-64 when such a course was offered by four regional colleges of Education. Prior to this the following provisions were made for training of commerce teachers :


(i) Training in methods of teaching elements of commerce and book-keeping in C.I.E., New Delhi, and also in sec­ondary training college Bombay.

(ii) Some Seminars and courses were organised by Ministry of Education Govt, of India during the period 1958-1960.

(iii) In some states, short-hand courses were held for training teachers who were already in service.

(iv) In-Service Training


Since the persons, who became commerce teachers prior to 1965, did not receive any specialised training in commerce methodology they were not familiar with the modern methods of teaching of commerce subjects so it was essential to arrange in-service training courses for such persons.

Teachers already in service should acquire some technical know- how of the latest methods of teaching, new educational trends and researches made in the field of commerce. He should try to develop and use some audio-visual aids, film slides etc. and should also try to maintain a profile of papers and documents used in business transac­tions.

Commerce teachers should try to attend seminars, training courses and work-shops organised by Regional Colleges of Education and other training colleges that have now specialised in commerce pedagogy. They should also try to keep themselves in touch with latest publication on educational philosophy and methodology of teach­ing and try to keep themselves abreast of latest innovations brought about in the field of education.

Commerce teachers should make it a habit to study latest jour­nals, magazines, periodicals etc. concerning commerce subjects and allied subjects.


All these will help a commerce teacher to become a successful commerce teacher.