The Commission felt that in order to make the professional preparation of teachers effective teacher- education must be brought into the main stream of academic life of universities on the one hand and the school life and education department on the other.

It means that isolation of teacher training from the main stream of universities and from education departments and school should be removed.

For this purpose the commission suggests the following

(i) Schools of education should established in universities to develop programmes in teacher- education, studies and research in education,


(ii) Extension work should be organised as an essential function of a teacher-education institution and extension service department be added to each institution.

(iii) Establishment of effective alumina association to bring old students and faculty together to discuss and plan programmes and curricula.

(iv) Organisation of student’s Practice teacher in active collaboration with selected schools and these schools should receive substantial grants for equipment.

(v) Recognition of education as an independent academic discipline and introduction as an effective subject in the B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc. degree courses.


(vi) Arranging periodic exchange of the staff of the co-operating schools and of the teacher-education institutions.

(vii) Establishing comprehensive colleges of education in each state on a planned basis. Improving Profession Courses:

(a) Introducing integrated courses of general professional education in universities.

(b) Using methods of study which have greater scope for study and discussion.


(c) Using methods of evaluation which include continuous internal assessment of practical and session work besides improving practice teaching and working a comprehensive programme of internship.