A chamber of commerce is a voluntary association of businessmen belonging to different trades and industries.

It may be defined as a voluntary association of manufacturers, merchants, financiers and others engaged in business in a particular locality, regions or country. Therefore, it does not represent any particular trade or industry.

Even professional experts like chartered ac­countants can become members of chambers of commerce. The main objective of a chamber of commerce is to promote the general business interests of all the members and to foster the growth of commerce and industry in a particular locality, region or country.

Chambers of commerce is non-profit making organisations. They serve as spokesmen and representatives of business community.


The organisation of chambers of commerce differs from country to country. In Russia, Po­land, Rumania and other communist nations, chambers of commerce work as government depart­ments.

In West-Germany, France, Italy, Japan, etc., chambers of commerce are constituted by public law and are subject to government control.

In India, chambers of commerce are registered as societies and companies and function as voluntary organisations.