What are the types of chambers of commerce?


Chambers of commerce may be organised at local (regional), national and international levels.

1. Local or Regional Chambers of Commerce:

The local chambers of commerce deal with problems of local trade and industry. Businessmen operating in a particular region or state form these chambers of commerce.


A local or regional chamber of commerce seeks to protect and promote commerce and industry in a particular region or state.

Southern India Chamber of Com­merce, Calcutta Chamber of Commerce Bombay Chamber of Commerce, Madras Chamber of commerce, Punjab Haryana and Delhi (PHD) Chamber of Commerce are examples of local cham­bers of commerce.

2. National Chambers of Commerce:

A national chamber of commerce undertakes the problems of national trade and industry. It consists of businessmen operating in different parts of the country as its members.


It seeks to protect and promote commerce and industry in the entire country. Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM), India, London Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce are examples of national chambers of commerce and industry.

3. International Chamber of Commerce:

It consists of members from more than 60 coun­tries of the world. India is a member of this chamber of commerce. Its headquarters are located in Paris (France).

It aims at improving the conditions of business and business relations between nations and to encourage better international understanding.

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