Library is a section of the school organization where there is group of books, magazines, articles and newspapers. Some schools have audio- visual section in their library. The need for a good library service in a modern school is no longer an issue debate.

All thinking people, who are informed about purpose of education, nature of the learning process, curriculum and the instructional process, and procedures in today’s schools, agree on the important contribution which library services make to the character and quality of educational programmes, schools that have a good library service usually have instructional programmes than those without an effective library service.

With the changed concept of education as a process of self-education, where the teacher’s role is largely to be of a guide and a facilitator, the role of library has assumed major importance. The modern trend in education is to encourage students to collect, their own, information from various sources. From is point of view reading in a library itself is a part of school education.

A library is indispensable for such modern methods of teaching as problem-solving method, project method, assignment methods supervised study etc. Thus, a library is the hub and of intellectual activity in a recognised school and the same part, for all subjects, as does a laboratory r science subjects, or a workshop for technical subjects.


According to the Education Commission (1964- ), a collection of books, even a collection of good does not constitute a library. A library should be e centre of intellectual life of a school, available at times for reference, for study and for private reading, should be a quiet place, provide an environment which encourages study and reading, and furnished and equipped for comfortable use.