425 words essay on our School Library


A room for readers and books is the literal meaning of library. The golden thoughts of various thinkers and philosophers induced the management to acquire a place for library. A library has more than three thousand books on various subjects occupied in more that eighth or ten book racks. Each book labeled and numbered and well fitted in the book rack. Just at the entry, a librarian is sitting on the counter. The block has one store room, one magazine room and two rooms for books. There is another room for unlisted books.

In the center of magazine room, there is a huge big table with so many magazines arranged and displayed on it. The students and people form out, come study the magazine on the sopt. The school has already allotted a definite amount for library. This amount is charged in the beginning of the session. Beside the books on the other subjects, the school library has a number of books in fictions and stories. It has books on physics and chemistry. Library period is a compulsory period for all the students. They can get books issued on library cards. Books once issued will be kept for a week by the students. One can, as such, prepare notes in the library room.

In the same way, magazine section provides all the best reading material. We have an auditorium where students can see some video cassettes. Audio tapes of good speeches are also available in our library. Although it is a rich treasurer of books and literatures store there is scope for improvement. Study of books should be encouraged as much as it is possible.


Modern era has a lot of diversion for other sectors of knowledge but the liking and dept of reaction is much more in books than in any other channel. The need is well expressed as under.

A room without books is a body without soul. -Cicero

I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books than a king who does not love reading. -Macaulay

Some readers try to misuse the privilege in a bad manner. They tear off pages or spoil the books. May be they are not caught red handed but it certainly confirms that whatever they are reading has no effects on them. Moreover they confirm to saying that.


It is the human tendency to color the canvas of life in an orientation or in tarnished phase. -Leyden Brute

I like my school library and pray for its prosperity in the coming future.

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