What are the Types of Diagnostic Test Used in Science?


Types of Diagnostic Test in Science

Diagnostic tests are mainly classified into two classes:

Educational Diagnostic tests are related to study matter or study material designed for specific level or standard of education. These tests diagnose disorder of material according to level of class. On the other hand, physical or clinical Diagnostic tests are related to hearing, vision and other things that cause hindrance in the course of a child’s learning. Below are given for ways to determine or obtain dates of Diagnostic Tests-

  • Formal standardised test.
  • Informal testing
  • Clinical observation
  • Case history or interview


Steps for Construction of Diagnostic Test in Science

The following steps are used for diagnostic test in Science:

i. Preparation of the final draft of the test.

ii. To prepare properly graded objective type of test items suiting to the concept and expected level of performance and the anticipated weakness deficiencies and difficulties of the students.


iii. To be definite about the minimum expected level of performances with regard to the behavioural changes in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, skills, application, interests, appreciations etc.

iv. Analysis of the concepts in terms of the specific learning out comes and behavioural changes.

v. Identification of the major concepts to be developed through the instruction of a particular unit, lesson or content material.

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