What are the Characteristics of Diagnostic Test in Science?


Characteristics of Diagnostic Test in Science

1. It needs an expert of specialist to identify the cause for wrong answers.

2. In Diagnostic test no scores is made for correct answers, only wrong responses are find out into view in the sequence of contents.


3. It fully emphasizes on all learning and teaching points.

4. It adopts objective type tests only.

5. It arranges the items in learning sequence so as to help transfer to learning position.

6. It is a base to form tutorial groups so as help the poor students to develop their performance removing their difficulties.


7. It finds out weakness or deficiency of a child in learning of a contents.

Diagnostic Testing :

Just as doctor diagnoses a patient to find the nature, type and extent of his disease before prescribing medicine, a teacher of science applies Diagnostic test to diagnose the particular strength and weakness of the students. Through this test, weakness and difficulties of students in the instructional material consisting of one or mere type of Science are diagnosed.

In diagnostic test both background and performance of the students are needed. Diagnostic tests are qualitative not the quantitative. Diagnostic test can easily be understood with the following example- A bottle contains milk. Two questions can be arisen.


How much milk is there in bottle and why is it full or empty? Question about the quantity of milk comes in Achievement test while about quality, why the bottle is empty or full comes in Diagnostic test. Hence, from the following example, and easy understanding can be made, from the following example Diagnostic test sire qualitative not quantitative.

It undertakes to provide a picture of strengths and weakness of pupil in learning. So diagnostic tests are purely meant for diagnosing the weakness deficiency and difficulties of students related to the specific area and aspects of the formal and informal learning of a subject.

These are constructed not to assess the level of achievements or gains in the learning experiences of the pupils but to reveal the weaknesses and learning difficulties.

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