What are the factors responsible for the rise of regionalism India. How does it influence the polka system?


Regionalism is favoring a particular region due to personal likenesmr allotment with it. Due to regionalism, a person forgets the unity or the nation and starts to plead for his favorite region. This feeling of regionalism disturbs the balance among various parts of the nation. In India it has grown due to the following factors.

i. The historical factors: The history has divided India into two perfect parts and theme differenced as the “Aryans” and the: “Dravidors”.

ii. The geographical factors:- Indian geography has divided the country in many parts. The resources Industries, soil irrigating etc. are not similar and therefore they also cause differences among the people.


iii. The political. Factors: For some selfish surpasses many regional parties have been sparing out and they have paved obstacles in national interest.

iv. The economical factors- uneven economic development of various parts of the country has also plaged a role in regionalism.

v. Language culture, customs etc – these factors have played major role in creating the feelings of regionalism, especially among illiterates or less educated people.

vi. Such regionalism has disturb harmony and smooth relationship among various states and with the centre and as the result, has led to obstacles in the developments.

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