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In India regionalism is a heavy weight on the political system.

Regionalism was deliberately encouraged by many with the result that the people of each region thought more in terms of their region rather than of India as a whole. Regionalism means love of a particular region or state in performance to the country as a whole.

This feeling may arise either due to the continuous neglect of a particular area region by the ruling authorities, or it may spring as a result of increasing political awareness of the hence forth backward people that they have been discriminated against.


A region is a defined territorial unit including particular language or languages Jatis ethnic groups or tribes, particular social salting and cultural pattern, folk dance, music, folk arts etc.

In the vocabulary of a sovereign state, it generally denotes a territory which is smaller than itself but is larger than its single constituent units, variously called states, provinces, cantons, etc.

Shri Ram Maheswari says Relionalism to be sure needs all these ingredients. But the concept is much more inclusive. When all is said and done it remains at least partially inclusive.

At the Centre of regionalism is a more or less intense sense of identity heavies both positive and negative dimensions which is no less real to the people than the feeling of Atal Characterized regionalism as essentially a political phenomenon very an amorous to-the phenomenon of nationalism and added that regionalism is an example of micro nationalism.


Why Regionalism Grew? Parochialism and regionalism is a conspicuous phenomenon of India’s political life.

Regionalism grew largely due to four factors. First and foremost among these was the problems of economic and social development of Indian society.

After independence India lacked a balanced economic growth of all parts and regions. Instead of caring for the interests of the country as a whole, political leadership became narrow minded and began to clamour for the progress of their own states or regions.

Secondly, in order to follow the middle income group consisting of West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh. The low income states falling in the third category are Assam (Rs. 960), Orissa (Rs. 938), Madhya Pradesh (Rs. 895), Uttar Pradesh (Rs. 870) and Bihar (Rs. 755).


The people living in the second and third category of states are approximately equal in numbers. The extent of disparity is indicated by Punjab’s per capita income which as three times that of Bihar.

The third factor that gave rise to regional and parochial tendencies in the country was the personal and selfish ends of the politicians.

The weakening of the central authority and in some cases of the states authority was considered by the regional and state leaders of all parties as vital to enhancing their own authority and power, and they did not hesitate from propagate regionalism among the people. Thus, the narrow and sectarian instincts of the ignorant masses were at times stirred up by professional politicians to serve their own narrow ends.

The fourth factor was the creation of linguistic states which rein for regionalism and stained demand for increased state autonomy.


Very often the sub-nationalism sentiment which is initially based on linguistic, religious or ethnic grouping gains strength with a blend of economic issues such as those related to land, water and regional backwardness one of the most significant development has been the rise of linguistic chauvinism, rearrangement of the boundaries of the states on linguistic basis, imposition of the language of the majority in a state on the minorities and disregard for the special provision relating to language spoken by a section of the population of the states, resulting in fissile porous tension.

Analyzing the geographical location and concentration of tribes, mechanic Raza maintained that the Indian tribal population is regional and gives rise to regionalism as the tribal people, who were gradually pushed into refuse areas lying on the border or periphery are now beginning to press its urge for redness of the historical injustices.

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