1. Chemicals and compounds derived from petroleum resources are known as Petrochemicals.

2. The main raw materials are obtained from LPG, coal and petroleum.

3. The chemicals obtained are used for making plastics, drugs, synthetic fibres and insecticides.

4. Most of the industries are placed near coalfields or oilfields as the raw materials are derived from these sources.


5. Products obtained from the petro-chemical industry are polythene, vinyl, nylon, terylene, tetron and dacron.

6. Petrochemical products are more popular as:

(a) Cheaper as they are produced in large amounts.

(b) Easy availability of raw materials.


(c) Not dependent on agricultural raw material.

(d) Prices do not vary very much,

(e) Cost effective.

7. Union Carbide India Ltd. at Trombay is controlled and managed by Union Carbide which produces ethyl acetate, polypropylene and butyl spirit, etc.


8. The Udex plant at Koyali Refinery-produces benzene.

9. The Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (IPCL). This is the first public sector enterprise and is responsible for the manufacture of petrochemicals such as polymers and polyster fibres.

10. Petrofils Cooperative Ltd. (PCL). It is a •joint venture company of the cooperative society of weavers and the government of India.

11. The Reliance Group and Haldia Petrochemicals have set up an important project near Hazira.