Significant measures which were mentioned in national education policy


Measures for the Education of the Scheduled Castes:

(a) Incentives to indigent families to send their children to school regularity till they reach the age of 14.

(b) Pre-metric Scholarship scheme for children of families engaged in occupations such as scavenging, flaying and tanning to be made applicable from Class I onwards. All India of such families, regardless of incomes, will be covered by this scheme and time-bound programmes targeted on them will be undertaken.


(c) Constant micro-planning and verification to ensure that the enrolment, retention and successful completion of courses by SC students do not fall at any stage, and provision of remedial courses to improve their prospects for further education and employment.

(d) Recruitment of teachers from Scheduled Castes.

(e) The utilization of N.R.E.P. and R.L.E.G.P. resources so as to make substantial educational facilities available to the Scheduled Castes.

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