Focus upon the measures which were though out for national education policy to improve the education of scheduled tribes


Measures for the Scheduled Tribes:

(a) Priority will be accorded to opening primary schools in tribal areas. The constitution of school buildings will be undertaken in these areas on a priority basis under the normal funds for education, as well as under the N.R.E.P, R.L.E.G.P, Tribal welfare scheme, etc.

(b) The socio-cultural milieu of the STS has its distinctive characteristics including, in many cases, their own spoken languages. This underlines the need to develop the curricula and devise instructional materials in tribal languages.


(c) Educated an promising Scheduled Tribe youths will be encouraged and trained to take up teaching in tribal stage.

(d) Incentive schemes will be formulated for the Scheduled Tribes keeping in view their special needs and life styles. Scholarships for higher education will emphasis technical professional and para-professional courses.

(e) The curriculum at all stages of education will be designed to create an awareness of the rich cultural identity to the tribal people as also of their enormous creative talent.

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