Technology in Education:

In “Technology in Education”, we have included most of the hardware that has been mainly the contribution of Engineers and other experts primarily outside the education field.

Here we start from the beginning of the century where the audio-visual aids like the low cost non- projected aids, (charts, models etc.) have played a major role. At the other end, we shall have computer systems connecting us to the whole world. The computer system can also allow us to play games and sharpen our learning skills with or without connecting ourselves with any outsider.

Technology in Education:


The other dimension is ‘”Technology of Education” and here the emphasis is on various Teaching Learning Process (TLP) which can be designed to help a learner to optimize his learning. Here again the emphasis in the beginning of 20th century was on “teacher determined” processes. It was presumed that the teacher is the controller of the process of education and how he behaves in the classroom was studied in much greater detail during this phase.

The next phase (i.e. the last 20-30 years) can be termed as the “learner determined” phase. Although in India this phase is more talked about than practiced, there are quite a few important experiments which have strengthened the need. It will take quite some time to implement the learner centered orientation.