The utility of technologies like audio-visual aids, equipments, machines etc. such a Chalkboard, Over Head Projector (OHP), TV, Computer in education called the “Technology in Education”. Here more importance is given to the media used for carrying a message, whereas the other approach to Educational Technology is “Technology of Education”. This approach characterizes the methodology appropriate to learners’ needs, learning objectives, the process of learning and teaching as well as availability of resources. Technology of Education includes Technology in Education.

According to the British Journal of Educational Technology published by the National centre for Educational Technology.

“Educational technology basically means all the intellectual and operational efforts made during recent years to regroup, arrange and systematize the application of scientific methods to the organization of new sets of equipment and material so as to optimize learning process”.

According to Technical Working Group for Educational Technology in Asia under APEID – 1995 defined educational technology as:


“Educational technology is a separate field dealing with the theory of education .with development and application of the educational resources which implies following principle:

1. Clarifies educational objectives.

2. Placing content of elements in a logical order.

3. Specifies the process of teaching learning.


4. Acquires the knowledge through development of models of teaching.

5. Adjoining the teaching learning process with feedback.

6. Selection, evaluation and optimization of media.