Notes on Selection Methods for Job Promotion in India


(i) Zone of Consideration:

The number of officers, who will be considered for promotion from out of those who are eligible in the feeder grades, is called zone of consideration. It is restricted under:

(ii) Assessment of Officers:


The assessment of each officer is made on a fair, just and discriminatory evaluation of the confidential reports of the officers for the preceding five years or y. equal to the required qualifying service. The Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) makes its assessment of the officers without being merely guided by the grading recorded in the confidential records. It categorises the candidates for promotion as under:

  1. Outstanding
  2. Very good
  3. Good
  4. Average
  5. Unfit

The D.P.C. prepares a panel according to seniority of selected officers provided they must receive at least ‘Good’ ranking. For promotions to the posts in the pre-revised salary Rs. 3700-5000 and above, the minimum requirement is “Very Good” ranking. But those who “Outstanding” ranking are placed higher in seniority

The Fifth Pay Commission suggested a new scheme called Assured Career Progression Such (ACPS) under which two guaranteed financial up gradations would be given to Group B, C and D office after 8 and 16, 10 and 20 and 12 and 24 years respectively. For Group A cadres, there would be the up gradations after completion of 4, 9 and 13 years of service.

Some of the points of criticism of the promotion system are:


In some jurisdictions, the occurrence of vacancies for promotion is not made known to the employ

Seniority is too firmly entrenched, precluding promotions on the basis of merit.

In the absence of systematic machinery like promotion boards, promotion is haphazard and there is no effective system of appeals from candidates aggrieved by being passed over, as higher officers do not like to reverse the judgment of those lower down.

It is impossible to remove wholly the suspicion of arbitrariness and injustice from the operate any promotion system worked by human beings. Those passed over find it difficult to admit the justify the verdict against them. By suitable machinery and procedure it is possible, however, to minimize the eyes of fair-minded persons, a suspicion of a promotion system. The essentials of have already been discussed in connection with the practice in Britain.

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