Proper Organisation of Science Library

It is very important to organise the science library in accordance with the needs and requirements of the students. While performing this function, a science teacher should keep in his mind certain points, some of which are as follows:

i. Generally schools have small buildings, as a result of which only small sized library can be constructed in it, because of which it becomes difficult to make provision of separate science library in the school. In such kind of situation, such provisions should be made by the teacher or librarian by which books of different subjects are being placed at different places by which students do not find it difficult to find them. Not only this, books written on the same topic should be arranged separately, as it will help to considerable extent in saving the time and efforts of students.

ii. For arranging the books properly in the library, there should be provision of librarian and his assistance. If this work will be assigned to the students, then they will find it very difficult to make use of library books, by which they can avoid to visit the library. Thus, for promoting the students to make use of school library to maximum possible extent, it is necessary that librarians should be appointed in the schools. Such librarians should be well qualified and should possess the degree of B.Lib. or some advanced qualifications.


iii. Science teacher should take the responsibility to make sure that proper provision of new books is made in the school library. If students will get old books, then they will not be able to get information relating to new scientific discoveries, as a result of which, it will become very difficult for the teacher to motivate the students to make best utilisation of school library in any way.

iv. To keep discipline and to run the services of science library properly, it is necessary to design some fixed rules and regulations, following of which should be declared compulsory for all the students. Books should be issued to the students for specific period of time and if they do not return them with this specified period, then they should be fined. Students should be strictly ordered not to harm books in any way and if they do such thing, then they should be punished properly. To ensure that all the students know the rules of library properly, they should be properly displayed at some place in the library from where all the students can read and view them.

Thus, there is special role played by science text books in enhancing the level of knowledge of students as well as teacher, for which proper provision of new books should be made in the school at a place known as science library.