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In our educational system the students face numerous problems in their learning. From the educational point of view problem is an unsolved question which needs more systematic and scientific research work to find out the solution. Identifying the actual solution of a problem is a very difficult task, indeed.

It is not easy to search for solutions. When the students will not be able to answer a question and are unable to give any positive statement of question, at that time It Is taken into the laboratory work to find out its actual causes.

Different Types:


Educational research deals with the problems of educational departments. Any researcher or teacher can select problems. Not only in day-to-day teachings but also in further development in administration, research works, the problems are taken into account.

These can be different types of problems – Social, economical, psychological and above all educational. Teachers are the actual researchers to find out the problems of students’ achievements, causes of delinquency, mental retardation, low performance and also the students’ indiscipline. These are also administrators; private and government, they select problems which creates problems in the smooth running of the educational departments.