Differentiation between Action Research and Experimental Research Action Research

1. It is an Immediate and quick solution of a problem.

2. Action Research solves practical problems, classroom problems and for development of educational practices.

3. Its programme does not need more preparation


4. When any problem is experimented to find out its cases at that time. This research becomes active to manipulate it.

5. It is not a method of research but it actually implements the principles of other methods like historical method, survey method, etc.

6. The teacher faces numerous questions and he prepares the probable answers through action research techniques.

7. It applies the new knowledge and theories propounded by experimental research.


8. This types of research does not wait for the solution of problems. It adjusts the time gap. Experimental Research

It takes time to create and apply the actual solution of a problem. It follows the trial and error methods.

This research solves the practical problem by putting those into social psychological laboratory and finds out the real causes and remedies for those problems.

Experimental research needs more preparation.


Any problem found in the educational departments may be put under experiments to find out the real causes.

Experimental research is a method of research.

The teacher prepares probable answers and formulates hypothesis in an experimental way to choose the right theory.