Styles of Science Curriculum

Based on the styles on which the curriculum is constructed, it is classified as:

1. Individualistic curriculum

2. Interactive curriculum


3. Instrumental curriculum

1. Individualistic Curriculum:

This type of curriculum is base on inter- disciplinary approach and it lays more emphasis on the personal development of the individual. It helps to developed creativity in the individual.

2. Interactive Curriculum:


This type of curriculum lays emphasis on the social development of the child and hence in society oriented. In this type of curriculum, a classroom instruction becomes an interactive or cooperative process. The basic approach in interdisciplinary and the curriculum consists of learning packages which are contained in the loosely structured curriculum.

3. Instrumental Curriculum:

This type of curriculum gives more emphasis on the utility value or vocational value of science. The basic approach in such a curriculum is disciplinary and it emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge or information. It makes learning an intense competition among students. The teacher plays a dominant role in such a curriculum.