Present Science Curriculum

The present science curriculum is just a jumbling of facts from different branches of science and is basically a subject-centred curriculum. Although it has received criticism but at the same time it is difficult to abandon it totally because of some advantages it has over experience-centred curriculum.

The present subject-centred curriculum is simple, intelligible and can be easily evaluated and these supplemented by some other reasons make the persistence of the present’s curriculum. A general review of the present curriculum shows that it suffers from the following defects:

1. It is examination-centred which results in the selection if important portion from the whole syllabus by the teachers and pupils from the examination point of view deleting unimportant portions. This is carried out because the worth of a teacher is judged from the pass percentage of the pupils in the examination and the ability of the students in measured by the content he can vomit out in the examination scripts.


2. It deals with theoretical generalizations as it is subject- centred and topical. The teachers usually stick to one text-book and deliver lectures on the subject- matter without earning much for the interests and activity of the students.

3. It does bookish and stereotyped and lays emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge rather than its application to daily life by the students.

4. It does not lay emphases on the needs of the pupils and the society it is cut off from the real life outside.

5. The Report of the Secondary Education Commission refers to the criticism of the curriculum as under:


a. It is cut from the life around.

b. It is an examination ridden curriculum.

c. It is bereft of the technical and vocational subjects.

d. There is inadequate provisions for practical work.


e. The contents are voluminous.

f. It does not provide rich and significant subject matter.