15 Suggestion for Improving Children’s Moral Development in School


School should an activity- oriented programme for the moral development of children. A list of some suggested activities for the moral development of student given below:

I. Organizing group projected camps, social service programmes and gab

II. Organizing school Panchayats


III. Addressing daily morning school assembly

IV. Celebrating festivals including national days

V. Showing appropriate films, stage dramas and plays

VI. Highlighting them to teaching of saints and seers


VII. Encouraging them to clean the school campus, playgrounds, public pi etc.

VIII. Looking after the school garden

IX. Organizing girl guide and boy scout groups

X. Celebrating festivals of different communities religions


XI. Organizing educational excursions and trips

XII. Domesticating and rearing animal pets

XIII. Visiting backward and slum areas and rendering some sort of service to people living in such areas

XIV. Arranging community and school get-together


XV. Organizing a comprehensive programme of guidance and counseling brining about moral changes.

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