Differenfe between Relief Rainfall and Convectional Rainfall


Relief Rainfall (Orographic)

(i) Relief rainfall is caused when the mountain forces the air to rise along the up slopes of the mountain.

(ii) It takes place on the wind­ward side of the mountain and the leeward side gets very less rain and is known as the rain shadow area.


(iii) It takes place in the mountain­ous region, e.g., Western Ghats. High pressure belt to the sub polar low pressure belt.

Convectional Rainfall (Noon Rain)

(i) Rainfall is caused by verti­cal ascent (convection) of heated air.

(ii) It is in the form of heavy downpour and is accompa­nied with thunder and light­ening. It is for a short time.


(iii) It takes place in the equato­rial region daily and in the interiors of the continents in summer.

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