What are the Main features of the Indian monsoon?


(a) Rainfall is mainly Relief (Orographic). Most of the rainfall is caused due to the obstruction of moisture bearing winds by the mountain ranges. As a result, windward side gets heavy rain while the leeward side gets scanty rain.

(b)Rainfall is erratic and unpredictable. The amount of rainfall varies from time to time, often resulting in floods and droughts. Sometimes the rainfall occurs early and at times it is delayed.

(c)Rainfall occurs mainly in summer. A large part of the country receives rainfall mainly in the summer from the South West Monsoon winds. Very little rain is caused in winter from the N.E winter monsoons.


(d)Rainfall is unevenly distributed. Some regions receive over 200 cms of rain and suffer from floods while others receive less than 50 cms annually and experience semi-desert conditions.

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