Some of the important properties of gages are :


Properties of Gases:

1. A gas has no definite shape or volume of its own. It acquires the shape of the container.

Reason: Intermolecular attraction is the weakest in gases whereas intermolecular separation is the largest. Hence, molecules in a gas move very fast and the gas expands to fill all the space available.


2. A gas has no surface of its own.

Reason: Molecules escape from an open container.

3. A gas is not rigid and is easily compressed.

Reason: Intermolecular separation is very large in gaseous state which can be decreased by applying pressure.


4. A gas can diffuse into another gas.

Reason: Molecules in a gas move very fast. Hence the speed of diffusion is very large.

5. A gas on cooling changes into liquid state.

Reason: Cooling reduces intermolecular separation and increase intermolecular force of attraction.


6. A gas can flow in all directions. It requires a vessel closed from all sides.