How are the chemical reactions classified ?


Most common reactions are classified only the basis of the following four factors:

1. The physical state of the reactants and products, that is whether all the substances involved the reaction are in the same physical state, or in different physical state. Only the basis, the chemical reactions are classified as :

  1. Homogeneous reactions
  2. Heterogeneous reactions

2. The type or the nature of the chemical reaction: A chemical reaction can also be classified on the basis of the period of chemical change. Some common types of chemical reactions are :

  1. Combination reaction, or Synthesis reactions
  2. Decomposition reactions
  3. Displacement reactions, or substitution reactions
  4. Double displacement reactions
  5. Oxidation and reduction(or Redox) reactions
  6. Rearrangement reactions


3. Relative tendency of the reaction in the forward and backward directions. on the basis of this, the chemical reactions are classified as

  1. Reversible reaction
  2. Irreversible reaction

4. Absorption or evolution of heat: the chemical reactions may also be classified on the basis of whether heat is absorbed or evolved during the reaction. On this basis, the reactions are classified as

  1. Exothermic reactions
  2. Endothermic reactions

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