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Factors Affecting Choice of Distribution Channel

There are a large number of factors which affect the choice of a suitable channel of distribution. There are various factors that put limitations on the ideal choice, hence every producer has to select a channel that is less than ideal. Ideally every company wants to select the lowest cost channel, but the lowest cost channel is not necessarily be [...]

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Distribution Channel

Distribution is all about getting your product/service to the right people at the right time with special consideration for profit and effectiveness. Successful marketing does not end when a business has developed a product/service and has found its appropriate target audience with a view to selling it at the ‘right price’. A distribution channel (also known as a marketing channel) [...]

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Types of Retailers

The most efficient classification of retailers can be on the basis of their place of business. The retailer deals in small quantities and his business is usually local in character. Secondly, retail trade always shows tendency towards variety as it has to satisfy innumerable wants of consumers. A specialised retail shop is for approaching specific target market. Thirdly, a retailer, [...]

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