The dictionary meaning of the term manual is a “hand book”. Organization manual is an authoritative guide to the organization where organization position, job titles, job description duties, authorities and responsibilities are put in writing. An authoritative guide to office organization is called office manual. The office manual serves like a source of information and are prepared in the form of a book or booklet. The information contained in office manuals are :

(a) Information on office system and routine.

(b) Information on methods and routine of the enterprise.

(c) Information on various standards and executive decisions.


(d) Information on organizational policies.

(e) Information regarding the name and addresses of the company.

(f) Information on safety measures and other recreational facilities.

(g) Information on duties of the persons.


(h) Information on the extent and limits of authority.

Office manual is a supplementary guide to organization chart. On the basis of nature of information office manual, may be a policy manual, operation manual and departmental practice manual.

Purposes served by office manual

(a) It facilitates execution of office work smoothly and efficiently because it contains printed instructions and other important decisions.

(b) It brings about uniformity in office system and procedure throughout the organization because the various branches read office manual and apply in their respective branches.


(c) It enables the new employees to know about the organization, his authority and responsibility.

(d) It enables the employees to pick up their new assignments at the time of transfer. On going through office manual a transferred employee picks up his work in the new location without loss of time.

(e) It facilitate , executives to take prompt decision because instructions and policies are written down in definite words.

(f) It enables each employee to know how his job fits into the total organization.


(g) It serves as a supplement to organization chart.

(h) It enables to save time and labour of both employer and employee.

(i) Areas of conflicts and overlapping are clarified in words and thus are helpful in taking quick decision.

(j) Details regarding office hours, working conditions and provisions of leave are clearly shown in office manual.


(k) Instructions for doing standardized and non- standardized work.