What are the advantages of Vegetative propagation ?


Advantages of Vegetative Propagation are :

(i) Plant which do not produce seeds, are propagated by the method e.g., sugar-cane, banana, potato, rose, orange, seedless grapes, jasmines, chrysanthemum, etc.

(ii) Vegetative propagation is a cheaper, easier and more rapid method of propagation in plants than growing plants from their seeds; for example, many lilies grow very slowly and take 4 to 7 years to developed flowers, when grown their seeds, but flowers are produced only after a year or two when grown vegitatively.


(iii) The trait (character) of a plant is preserved by vegetative reproduction.

(iv) Thus, the plants generated from vegetative means requires less time to grow and to have the advantages of being more uniform and genetically similar to the parent stock. Another advantage is that in propagation by this methods, the plants skip the risky seedling stage in which a number of plants die under adverse conditions. Many seedless verities of grapes, banana and oranges are produced by this method.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with this mode of reproduction. Plants grown by this method lose vigour and become prone to diseases.


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