Short Information on Organisation of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory


For the culture of plant cell and tissue, you require a well-equipped laboratory. Laboratory set-up depends on the nature of research to be carried out and availability of funds. But the most basic facility that an individual needs for tissue culture requires the following:

(i) Washing and Storage Facilities:

A separate area is required which should have large sink with provision for hot and cold running water, distillation apparatus, washing machine, pipette washer, drier and cleaning brushes.


(ii) Media Preparation Room:

An area is required for preparation of media. In such space there should be provision for bench space for chemicals, labware, culture vessels, closures and miscellaneous equipment required for media preparation and dispensing.

In this room provision is also made for placing hot plates or stirrers, pH meter, balance, waterbath, burners, oven, autoclave, culture vessel, refrigerator, etc.

(iii) Transfer area:


Earlier transfer of plant tissue was done in open in laboratory bench under clean and dry atmosphere conditions. Later on closed plastic box was constructed which consisted of UV tube. UV light from the tube and use of 95% ethanol helped to maintain sterile conditions inside the space of plastic box.

During the last two decades laminar airflow hoods (cabinets) could be commercially available in various size and shapes. In this apparatus, sterile air flows inside the space of cabinet which maintains the sterile conditions required for all transfer work.

(iv) Culture Room:

All types of cultured plant tissues are incubated under the conditions of well controlled temperature, humidity, illumination and air circulation. The culture room should have light and temperature control system.


Generally temperature is maintained at 25±2°C and 20- 98% relative humidity and uniform air ventilation. The cultures are grown in diffused light and darkness each for a period of 12 hours.

(v) Data Collection (Observation):

The cultures are monitored at regular intervals in the culture room for the growth and development of cultured tissues. Observation is also made under aseptic area in laminar airflow.

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