Short Biography of Leslie Claudius – best right-half of the Indian hockey team


Leslie Claudius was the best right-half of the Indian hockey team. He played four Olympics and every time his performance was satisfactory. The key features of his playing styles were patience and devotion to the game.

Leslie Claudius was born on March 25, 1927 in Bilaspur, Madhya Pradesh. Presently he is residing in Kolkata. Belonging to an Anglo-Indian origin, gutsy player Claudius played for Customs till his retirement.

He was the player who always gave more than a hundred percent effort. His half-line distribution and tackling was unparalleled. He always used to say that the game should be played in the spirit of the game and to never lose one’s temper. In the 1960 Olympics, he was given the responsibility to lead the Indian team but came back without a gold medal.


Later, in 1978, he was appointed as the manager of the Indian team selected for the Bangkok Asian Games. His anticipation and covering were just out of the world, which was very much visible during his captaincy and manager ship.

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