Short Biography of legendary hockey player Mohammad Shahid


Mohammad Shahid was a great hockey player whose enormous talent was not utilised properly. He possessed the qualities to become a class player.

In 1979, he was chosen in the Indian squad which went to tour Kuala Lumpur on account of his brilliant performance in the Agha Khan Cup. From then he never looked back. Shahid was an exceptional player while playing inside-forward.

If he had been utilised properly in 1988 Seoul Olympics in a match against England, India would have put her hand on the Cup. But he was ordered to play only in the second half of the match.


Unfortunately, the incomparable talent, for which crowd always appreciated him, was not enough to make him a hero very often he was blamed for the team’s failure. He will always be remembered for his fast- push which was as hard as a hit. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Shahid’s style of playing hockey was an invaluable contribution in popularising the game.

Hockey player Mohammad Sameer Dad was born on November 25, 1978 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. His education was completed at Bhopal itself. Later he joined Indian Airlines. He belonged to a family of sports persons. His two brothers are also hockey players. He is a product of S.A.I. Sports Hostel, Bhopal.

Mohammad Dad plays for Indian Airlines as a forward player. He made his international debut in 1997 in the Junior World Cup. In the 2000 Olympics he scored two goals for his team. Prior to this he scored a hat trick in the National Championship in 1999 and was declared the Player of the Championship. In his career he has participated in all the major tournaments.

Mohammad Sameer Dad has played 80 international matches. He gave his best performance in the Junior World Cup in which he scored 10 goals. In the Indo-Pak series, Dad has scored a total of 4 goals. He has never played in any professional foreign club.

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