Short biography of Jahangir


A week after the death of Akbar in 1605 AD, Salim his only son ascended the throne under the title of Nuruddin Mohammad Jahangir. Jahangir was born on 30th August, 1569 AD in the hut of the Sufi Saint Shaikh Salim Christi at Fatehpur Sikri.

The name of his mother was Yodha Bah. In his childhood he was popularly known as Shaikhu Baba. Salim was married to Manbai the daughter of raja Bhagwan Das on 13th Feb., 1585 AD. Jahangir fixed in stone pillar on the bank of the river Yamuna behind Red Fort Agra. He hung a golden chain in front of his palace to give even handed justice to the people. In 1611 AD, Jahangir married Nurjahan.

The most distinguished achievement of Jahangir was his victory over Mewar. Jahangir died in 1627 AD and he was buried in a beautiful tomb of Shahdara on the bank of the river Ravi near Lahore.

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