32 Important Questions on Jahangir


1. How many sons Jahnagir had ?

Ans. He had five sons-Khusrau, Pervaiz, Khurram, Shahryar and Jahandar.

2. By whom did Salim was highly impress in his life ?


Ans. Abdur-Rahim Khan-e-Khana.

3. Who was the first son of Jahangir who rose in r against Jahangir ?

Ans. His eldest son Khusrau in 1606 AD.

4. Why the fifth Sikh Guru Arjun Dev was sentenced to death ?


Ans. Rpnce Khusrau revolts against Jahangir and sought from Guru Arjun Dev. The revolt was crushed and Guru Arjun Dev sentenced to death on the charge the4: he had helped the rebelp1

5. Who was Meherun-Nisa ?

Ans. She was the second wife of Jahangir.

6. What title Jahangir conferred on Meherun-Nisa ?


Ans. Nurmahal (Light of the palace).

7. What was the second title given to Meherun-Nisa ?

Ans. Nurjahan (Light of the world).

8. Who was Ladli Begum ?


Ans. She was the daughter of Nurjahan.

9. Who was Mirza Ghyas Baig ?

Ans. He was the father of Nurjahan.

10. Who was Asaf Khan ?


Ans. He was the brother of Nurjahan.

11. Which title had Jahangir given to Mirza Ghyas Baig ?

Ans. Itimad-ud-Daula.

12. Which title Jahangir had given to Khurram after the victory in Deccan ?

Ans. Shahjahan (The king of the world).

13. When did prince Khurram capture Ahmadnagar ?

Ans. In 1611 AD.

14. When did prince Khurram subdue the fort of Kangra ?

Ans. In 1620 AD.

15. What was the most distinguished achievement of Jahangir ?

Ans. His most distinguished achievement was his victory over Mewar in 1615 AD. Prince Khurram compelled Amar Singh and his son Karam Singh to submit to the Mughals.

16. On whose instance the prince Khusrau was killed ?

Ans. Prince Khurram.

17. To which of the prince did Nurjahan want to marry her daughter ?

Ans. Prince Khurram.

18. To whom Prince Khurram was married ?

Ans. Arjumand Bano Begum, who was the daughter of Asaf Khan.

19. To whom Ladli Begum, the daughter of Nurjahan was married ?

Ans. Prince Shahryar.

20. In which art Jahangir had the maximum interest ?

Ans. Painting.

21. Who was the famous painter in the court of Jahangir ?

Ans. Bishan Das.

22. Which famous European travellers visited the court of Jahangir ?

Ans. William Hawkins, William Feinch, Sir Thomas Roe and Edward Tairy.

23. When did English ambassador William Hawkins visit the court of Jahangir ?

Ans. 1609 AD.

24. Who was the English ambassador who became successful in getting permission to set up a trading factory at Surat?

Ans. Sir Thomas Roe.

25. When did English ambassador Sir Thomas Roe visit court of Jahangir ?

Ans. In 1615 AD.

26. Who was known as the “handsome fool” ?

Ans. Shahryar.

27. Which famous book Jahangir has written ?

Ans. Tuzuk-e-Jahangiri.

28. During the reign of which Mughal ruler the paintingĀ« in its zenith ?

Ans. Jahangir.

29- When did Khurram revolt against Jahangir ?

Ans. 1626 AD. (RRB ‘!

30. When did Mahawat Khan revolt against Jahangir ?

Ans. 1626 AD.

31. Who was Mahawat Khan ?

Ans. He was the defence minister of Jahangir.

32. Which Mughal ruler had placed the “Chain of Justice” in his palace ?

Ans. Jahangir.

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