Essay on Conjunctitis: What are its symptoms and treatment?


It is a disease of eyes. It is known as eye influenza. It is the most infectious disease.

Symptoms and Characteristics

(1) In this disease there is first of all profuse watering from the eyes.


(2) There is painful itching and it appears that eyes will come out.

(3) The eyes become red and sometime swollen.

Precautions and Treatment

(1) The chief precaution is to keep your eyes away from one who has this disease.


(2) Everyone must have his own towel and clothes etc.

(3) The eyes should be kept away from dust and smoke.

(4) The cold water is very helpful in this disease. The eyes should be washed with cold water every now and then. The ice can also be used. The rose water has proved useful.

(5) Some eye drops like Locula and Visine etc., should be used twice or thrice a day.


(6) In the night some eye ointment like Terramycine can also be used.

(7) Too much attention should be given on the point that one must have full sleep and complete rest.

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