What are the different Forms of Television Commercial?



In this form, the announcer appears before the camera and conveys the message of product or service of the advertiser. For example, announcements regarding the extended dates of sale, gift scheme, concession rates etc. are presented in the form of announcement.



Many a time’s only visual image of the commercial is presented through slides or cards on television, which does not have motion and sound. This form is generally found in local and regional programmes.


This form shows the skill through dramatized demonstration to emphasize how a particular product works. Demonstrator or announcer gives the explanation. For example, advertisements of washing machines, mixers, toys, detergents, etc. widely use this form.

Dramatized Form:


It is commonly used form of advertisement which is more persuasive and entertaining in nature. For example, social advertisements on importance of girls education, immunization, etc. use this form.

Animated Commercial:

It involves cartoon technique. It is more time consuming and expensive form. For instance, the advertisements on family planning have used this technique widely.



A sponsor is a person who purchases a given amount of broadcast time or advertising space to tell you why you should buy his product. There are two types of means to get the sponsorer’s message across: Direct and Indirect.

Direct Means:

Here, the message is transmitted to the masses directly through the use of television, radio, magazines and news papers.

Indirect Means


Advertisers may also use indirect means to get their message across, which is sometimes called promotion. Instead of paying money to the media, advertisers sponsor cultural or sports events, or teams or individuals who take part in these events.

Sponsorship may involve supplying groups or individuals with advertiser’s products and operating expenses, or assistance in organizing and running an event. In return, the advertiser may prominently display company’s name or the name and logo of its products.

Spectators, whether they are in the live audience or are watching the event on television, may be exposed to the sponsor’s logo or message for the duration of the event. For example Sahara, Reliance, Coco-cola, sponsored cricket matches.

Lux, Lakme, Pond’s has been sponsoring fashion shows and beauty contests. There have been many local companies who sponsor local level events of sports, cultural programmes, educational seminars and conferences and so on.

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