Useful facts about natural calamities and role of individuals and community



1. India often faces natural calamities like floods, cyclones and droughts in different parts of the country.

2. By being well-informed and having the ability to respond quickly to a natural calamity, we can considerably reduce the loss of life and property.


3. As an individual, one can be prepared for any calamity by being well-informed, taking some precautions and making basic preparations in disaster-prone areas.

4. The role of the community usually begins after the calamity has occurred.

5. Effects of natural calamities and disasters are felt long after their occurrence both by individuals and the area.

6. The Crisis Management Group (CMG) and a State Crisis Management Group (SCMG) deal with matters relating to major natural calamities.


7. At a local or district level, the Collector or Deputy Commissioner is responsible for supervising the role of the local authorities before and after a natural calamity.

8. The relief measures for an area, where trip disaster has occurred, are reviewed by a Relief Committee.

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