The Trusteeship Council handles U.N.O. affairs relating to the trust territories. These territories were mandate territories under the League of Nations. The U.N.O., supervises their administration by the administering states. Under the Charter of the U.N.O. it is a sacred trust of its members to promote the well-being and advancement of dependent peoples and their progressive development towards self government, to ensure their just treatment and protection against abuses, to promote international peace and security, and to Promote development measures and research.

The administering states submit regular information on economic, social and educational conditions in these territories. The Council hears petitions from these territories, holds inspections of these territories and makes reports and recom­mendations to the General Assembly of the U.N.O. with regard to these territories.

It consists of the administering states, the U.S.S.R., and China as ex-officio members and other states elected by the General Assembly enough to ensure that the membership is equally divided between administering and non-administering members.