What are the six main Organs of the United Nations ?


There are six principal bodies of the UN:

1. General Assembly

2. Security Council


3. Economic and Social Council

4. International Court of Justice

5. Trusteeship, Council

6. Secretariat.


General Assembly-

Consists of all member states of the U.N. Each member nation can send five delegates but each nation has only one vote.

The General Assembly meets in regular session beginning in September each year.

Security Council


It is the executive body of the U.N. It consists of total 15 members, out of which 5 members are permanent and the remaining 10 members are non-permanent. China, France, Russia, UK and USA are the permanent members. The non-permanent members are elected by the General Assembly for 2 years from among the member states.

The permanent members of the security council have got veto power. Any matter supported by the majority of the members fails to be carried through if negative vote is cast by any of -the permanent members.

Economic and Social Council

This organ of the U.N. consists of 54 representatives of the member countries elected by a two third majority of the General Assembly.


Its main function is to achieve international co-operation by solving international problems of economic, social, cultural and humanitarian character.

One third of this council is elected every year for the period three years and equal numbers retire annually.

International Court of Justice

It is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.


The headquarters of the International court of justice is at The Hague (Netherlands).

The court consists of 15 judges. The judges of the court are elected by the General Assembly along with the security courier for a nine year term.

Trusteeship Council-

This organ consists of 14 members out of which five are the permanent members of the security council,

The function of this organ is to provide for an international trusteeship system to safeguard the interests of inhabitants of territories which are not yet fully self governing and which may be placed there under by individual agreements.


This organ of the United Nations is the chief administrative office which coordinates and supervises the activities of the U.N.

This secretariat is headed by a Secretary General who is appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council.

Secretary-General of the U.N. is elected for five years and eligible for re-election.

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