The growth of village community depends upon the following factors:

(i) Topographical Factors:

Among the topographical factors are included land, water and climate. It is obvious that these factors influence the growth of village community. Land is the most important topographical factor. People would like to settle at a place where land is fertile and plain.

Water is required not only for drinking, bathing, cooking, etc., but also for irrigating the Ian If water is not easily available, much use cannot be made even of fertile and plain lands.


A temperate climate is most favourable to the growth of village community. Man cannot- a natural and prosperous life in areas of extreme climate.

(ii) Economic Factors:

Among the economic factors we may include the condition of agriculture economy and cottage industries. The growth of village community depends upon t condition of agriculture. If farming yields a good crop, the economic condition of the villa people will be better.

The village economy also is an important factor in the growth of village community. The farmer must be in a position to procure animals of good breed, good seeds, good manure and scientific implements.


While cottage industries provide a means of livelihood to landless people, they also offer means of utilization of the farmers and female labour in productive activities.

(iii) Social Factors:

Among the social factors we include peace, security, cooperation and intelligent etc. For the development of the village community it is essential that there must be peace in the village. Besides peace, the village people must be guaranteed security-security from disease, and in agriculture. They also need security against natural calamities.

Agriculture Insurance can give them this sense of security. In the village there are many activities which depend upon cooperation of the whole community. Such activities, for example, are public health and sanitation peace and order, proper use of public amenities, education and recreation, etc. But, intelligence is also required. Lacking intelligence they cannot raise the agricultural output nor profit by the scientific discoveries.