The village community is marked by several features. The important ones are the following:

(i) Community Consciousness:

The village dwellers have a sense of unity. The relations between the village people are intimate. They personality know each other. Their customs, conventions and culture are common. They jointly take part in religious celebrations. Structurally and functionally the -village is a unit.

(ii) Role of Neighbourhood:


In a village neighbourhood is of great importance. There is not enough of individually and speed in the life of the village to disable one from paying attention to his neighbour-his sorrow, and joys. In the village people assist each other and thus they have closest neighbourhood relations.

(iii)Joint Family:

Though in the cities the joint family system is breaking down, yet in the villages it still retains its hold. The agricultural occupation requires the cooperation of all the family members. The men plough the field, the women harvest the crops and the children graze the cattle.

(iv) Faith in Religion:


The people in the villages have deep faith in religion and deities. Their main occupation is agriculture which largely depends upon the vagaries of nature. The farmer acquires an attitude of fear and awe towards natural forces and starts worshipping them.

(v) Simplicity:

The village people lead a simple life. It is not ostentatious. They are far away from the evils of modern civilization. They are a simple and plain people believing in God. They do not show pretensions. The behaviour is natural and not artificial. They live a peaceful life. They are free from mental conflicts. They do not suffer heart strokes. They are sincere, hospitable and hardworking. The level of morality is high. Social crimes are very rare. There life is governed by norms.