Should I forget my unrequited love or should I use her?


Should I forget my unrequited love or should I use her? From my very childhood I didn’t had any interest in girls. Perhaps more because I was brainwashed with some typically Hindu philosophies and believed in the system of arranged marriages.

During my college and school days, the majority of my friends enjoyed their life with their girlfriends, merrymaking all the day and living life to their fullest, while at that time I used to sit in front of my computer playing video games and coding application software’s throughout the year.

I didn’t had any attraction towards girls, from time to time, at many junctures of life, many girls wanted to have friendship with me, but I never had any interest for any of them. I don’t know why? But I think subconsciously I was searching for someone else? I don’t know for whom?


Some months before, for the first time in life, I was in love with a girl….

I loved her more than myself. For me she was an angle. So cute, innocent and lovely! I really loved her from the deep bottom of my heart and wanted to marry her…

But soon I learned about her other side, she was really a *****. She was sleeping with someone else, and had also slept with many other guys of her college. She kept me in darkness all the time. And was just playing (I love you) game with me, using me for her benefits and was playing with my emotions. Soon after learning this, my life became a living hell in the quest for my unrequited love.

Right now, for me the biggest question is: Should I avoid and forget her completely, or should I use her for fun?

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