This year has been a year of high for Indian diplomacy. Not only did India improve relations with the US and Russia, it also had a fair success in its look east policy. A number of joint ventures in economy as well as several key tie-ups in fields like defense, science and technology etc. are going to benefit India in the long run.

The strength of India was amply demonstrated when it was invited at the G-8 deliberations, Success abroad however has not been matched by success near the home front. In recent past India’s relation with its neighbors’ has deteriorated. India and Bangladesh had a rough experience on the border issue. India and Nepal have a number of contentious issues to sort out e.g. the Indo-Nepal trade treaty, the JSI bases in Nepal, the denial of citizenship to Madhesiyas, etc. India and China have made little progress to sort out their differences.

The recent destruction of world trade centre and Pakistan raising the Kashmir issue will further worsen Indo-Pak ties. Indian Diplomacy will now have to concentrate on lessening the anti-India feeling in its neighborhood so that enemies of India are not able to take undue advantage.