Impact of globalization on state system and its institutions


The impact of globalisation is being – visible in almost all sectors, in fact the state sys­tem is also not untouched. Openness is obvious in economic, social and cultural sectors under globalisation. At present no country can even think of development, keeping itself aloof from the globalisation process.

Naturally in such a scenario, change in the state system has become very important. It is a result of globalisation that now-a-days the democratic system has become stronger in comparison to the earlier ones. In the state people are given more freedom. In fact a com­munistic country like China is also on the track to have a liberal economic system.

The countries which are non-democratic and are ruled by mili­taries are also influenced by globalisation, in these countries also with time human freedom and global change are agreed to, accept for the developmental change. The state organisations are also liberal so that they can connect the influ­ence of liberal economy and cultural openness with globalisation. Because of globalisation, the state organisations now have started adopting the preventive measures, ensure economic sys­tem, administrative advantages and ensure free­dom of more than a billion people of the country.

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