What is the impact of globalization on higher education in India?


Funding on part of the govt, as a result of this globalisation has considerably reduced. In it now private companies and foreign agencies are being given due weight age.

i. The standard of education has substantially been raised since private and foreign agencies are quite innovative and experimental in their attitude and dealing.

ii. This globalisation has also made distant education available inside the country. The instant impact of it is that students who are diligent and meritorious lot but devoid of resources to avail of latest educational patterns through visiting foreign countries, would get this facility in India.


iii. Another negative impact of this globalisation is that it has become beyond the reach of poor students. Since educational level by these agencies has been elevated, the monetary requirements to become admitted and study has also spiralled.

iv. By this globalisation Multimedia Tech. has come in vogue that is becoming popular due to its multi-dimensional approach and uses. It, being a technical concept, brings together text, voice, music, illustrations, pictures, video and animation, in one composite CD-ROM. It has also facilitated and brought leverage in higher education.

v. Another flipside of this globalisation is that it could erode our traditional values and ethos.

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