Family on the basis of descent or ancestry


On the basis of dissect or ancestory three types of family may be distinguished they are.

Partilineal Family:

The family in which the descent is traced through the father or the ancestry is determined on the basis of male line or the father is known as partilineal family. In this type of family system the property and the family name etc. is inherited through the male line. This is the most common type of family.


ii) Matrilineal family:

Matrilineal family is the opposite of partilineal family. The ancestry of such family is traced through mother or female line. The female members alone enjoy all the rights of property and of inheritance. In other words, a property right is handed down from mother to daughter and so on and so forth. This type of family is found among the Khashis and Garos in India, Veddas of Cyclone, and also among the North American Indians.

iii) Bilineal Family:

It is a type of family where the descent is traced through both the father and mother.

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