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652 words essay on Family is the Need of the Times

Sample free essay on Family is the Need of the Times. Because of the influence of European civilization joint family system has been looked down upon by the educated elite in India. The younger group in the society is fast growing materialistic and considers..

Sample essay on Population Explosion and Family Planning in India

Free sample essay on Population Explosion and Family Planning in India. A dark image bumps out of the television set every morning—the gory image of the biggest democracy of the world. India has already 45th position in the comity of nations so far as economic status is concerned.

Short Biography of Balasaraswati | Personal life, Family, Career

Short Biography of Balasaraswati !  Personal life, Family, Career. At the age of 7, in 1925 when T. Balasaraswati was presented to the world in the Ammanakshi temple, Kancheepuram one could see the picture sequences of poet Keats in the ‘talam’ (rhythm) in her feet, the ‘mudrai’ (gestures) of her hands and ‘abhinayam’

Essay on joint family vs. nuclear family system

A joint family comprises members of the family that are related one another and share a common ancestry, religion, and property. All the working members of the family pool together what they earn and ha them over to the head who is usually the eldest.

Essay on the concept of joint family system in India

The final authority in family matters is the grandfather, but he grandmother has authority over all the younger women in the family. There was extended kinship in the real sense of the word. Family ties were close and highly commendable.

Notes on Family and Marriage System in Ancient India

The family was the basic unit of social organization in ancient India. The family at that time was unusually a joint family. The rite of Saraddha played an important part in binding the members from the common ancestors.

Notes on the administration of family welfare programme in India

A separate Department of Family Welfare was created in 1966, in the Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The Secretary to the Government of India, in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is in overall charge of the Department of Family Welfare.

Essay on family planning programmes in India

India launched a nation wide Family Planning Programmed in 1952. India is the first country in the world to launch such a programme. A separate department of Family Planning was created in 1966 in the ministry of health.

Short notes on the natural methods of family planning

They include i. Basal body temperature (BPT) ii. Cervical mucus method iii. Symptothermic method. These methods involve recognition of some physiological signs and symptoms associated with ovulation.

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