Effects and Precautions for Electric Shock & Leakage


When human body becomes part of the circuit. The resistance of the skin is 500 to 1500 ohm

The Effect Of Electric Shock May Be Death:

(i) Due to fibrillation of heart i.e. damaging the heart to small pieces causing the stopping of breathing


(ii) Due to stopping of breathing action caused by blocked in the nervous system causing respiration.

(iii) Due to local over heating or burning of the body. The seriousness of the electric shock depends on –

a. The current strength

b. The frequency of the current


c. The path taken by the current through the body.

OZR shock guard is a highly sensitive earth leakage circuit breaker in sophisticated electronic circuit. If the leakage current exceeds 10 mA it trips the current within 30 million seconds.

Leakage due to failure of insulation can also be detected and shock guard trips.

Precautions against shock:


a. Try to avoid work on live mains.

b. If you have to work on live mains be sure that before working see that your hands or feet are not wet.

c. Try to keep your left hand in the pocket

d. Do not work in such a place where your head is liable to touch the live mains.


In the Case of shock:

If due to the shock the victims become unconscious stops breathing and his heart still beats, the most urgent & immediate cure is that he should be given immediately artificial respiration.

(i) Place the patient flat on the ground with face downward the head resting on the two hands placed one on the other.

(ii) Take up a position at the head of the patient in line with his body.


(iii) Kneel on one knee & place the other foot near the patients shoulder.

(iv) Place both your hands, on the patient’s back with palms on the shoulder blades, the thumbs in line with spine and the fingers pointing down the back.

(v) Keeping your arms straight lean forward slowly till the arms become vertical. By then a light pressure is applied on the patient’s back and cause expiration. Do this operation to count 1-2-3.

(vi) Come back to the first position and pause for one second inspiration.

(vii) Slide your hands over the patient’s shoulder & hold his arms just above the elbows.

(viii) Raise and pull on the arms, this will induce inspiration or breathing in of air.

(ix) Do this operation to a count of 1-2-3 followed by a pause of one second.

(x) Next lower the patient’s arms to their original position to repeat the movement.

(xi) When the patient shows signs of breathing, continue the second moveĀ­ment to a count of six rising of the arms at 1-2-3 for inspiration and lowering the arms at 4-5-6 for expiration.


a. Arms must remain straight and stiff throughout the process.

b. All the movements must be done in a smooth and rhythmic way to the normal breathing rate and it must be continued till normal breathing is restored.

c. While the artificial respiration is being applied a doctor is needed.

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